Candymemphis Collection

Colorful Leather Handbags

Discover Candymemphis, the elegant collection of colorful leather handbag characterized by compact shapes, clean and geometric design.


Werner Series

Marble pendant lamps

Add a touch of refinement to your home, discover the precious Werner Collection of marble pendant lamps with an essential geometry and the LED lighting system.


WA Series - Empathy Collection

Silver & porcelain jewelry

Discover the stunning WA series of the Empathy collection: unforgettable pendants, bracelets and earrings handmade in silver and porcelain.


Our Mission

We believe that originality is the essence of true people and the creativity of italian artisanship in clothing, jewelry, home decor, art and lifestyle brings out the best in them.

SHOPIFEX - The Italian lifestyle e-store

Welcome to Shopifex, the original concept store 100% made in Italy and where you'll find only the best artisans and designers in clothing, jewelry, home decorart and lifestyle. We provide only the top creations of Italy's authentic craftsmanship along with excellent customer service and a unique shopping experience.

On Shopifex it’s not unusual to find a pair of women's trousers inspired by architecture or a coloured leather bag that pays tribute to Milan's Memphis Design. Stand out in a crowd by wearing a handmade sterling silver pendant reminiscent of the Oriental culture for an outstanding and unique look. The dynamic and contemporary woman will find our online store an ally to express her personality in an original way, because Shopifex is always on the lookout for emerging talents to answer to her needs: character, uniqueness, trend and dress code. We ensure she can easily switch from the morning ride to work to the happy hour with friends and colleagues. By choosing the black leather bag she can keep the hoop earrings in sterling silver that will change the office outfit's mood, giving it uniqueness and refinement. Wearing a pendant in bronze and porcelain, she will add a touch of glamour to her leisure outfit.

Make office and home living spaces glamorous with unique ceramic decorative vases, precious marble pendant lamps, clothes hangers. The contemporary design combines functionality and aesthetics. Our ceramic decorative plates made with the raku technique will make a statement of your personality.

Art is based on creativity and expresses itself through exceptional handcrafted objects and artworks like figurative and abstract paintings, handmade jewelry, unique furnishing accessories etc. For this reason, Shopifex sources pieces of art in their purest form which is contemporary and tells the visions and sentiments of great artists. This is what Shopifex and its artisans, designers and artists focus on. We believe that the true value of every piece, crafted entirely by hand, is to bring within the story of its creator. They are extraordinarily sensitive people who spend their passion and talents to offer you the most precious and unique ideas, as gifts, for your loved one or for yourself.

In a world full of copies, we believe originality is the soul of style and is an extension of your individual idea of beautiful. We are ambitious and our aim is to travel throughout Italy making sure to handpick the finest craftsmanship and bring finely crafted pieces directly from some of the best artisans. Our artisans and talented designers evoke passionate tradition and stunning innovation to provide a signature look defining your personal lifestyle. In order to ensure our confidence in the quality of each and every single creation all pieces go through an extensive quality checking process before being send to our customers ensuring they receive only the highest quality.

When choosing a unique Italian creation for either a fashion statement or home decor Shopifex helps provide customers the best choices to make. Whether it’s a trendy dress, jewellery, a modern figurative painting or a precious marble pendant lamp, transparency is what we focus on when dealing with our customers and designers. Shopifex’s customers are the most important part of our business. We focus on building a relationship of trust, service and by providing the best quality of Italy's creations expertly crafted by the finest artisans, goldsmiths and designers in original designs and precious finishes. Contemporary art is the link between clothing & accessories and also home decor especially if it’s intended either as a re-proposal of actual artworks which enhance the aspects of everyday life or as a source of inspiration for a creative mood.

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