Candymemphis Collection

CANDYMEMPHIS – irresistible sweetness

Candymemphis is the elegant collection of leather handbag characterized by compact shapes, clean and geometric design, which pays homage to the Memphis design style and the sweetness of the French pâtisserie.

The stunning contemporary design and the proportions, which seem almost to belong to the world of furnishing design, are all inspired by the Memphis style, giving Candymemphis handbags the almost sculpture-like solidity of a furnishing piece. The metal feet, together with the almost-decontextualised details such as the zip, are features that render the collection and the Lucrezia Kauffmann's style immediately recognisable.

Instead the colours, bold and faint, evoke hints of Paris and the delicate filling of a French macaron.

In this way, the combination of compact forms and soft colours means that the apparent contrast is in fact perfectly balanced, thanks also to the playful touch of two different hand-painted textures, which bring to mind the sprinkles on a macaron, or crispy wafers.

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