Shipping Costs 

Shipping costs depend on the weight and/or volume of the package of the product purchased. As a result, they will be specified at the time of payment.

Delivery Times

The products on SHOPIFEX can be shipped from stock, made to order or pre-ordered. The delivery time will vary depending on whether the items are already in stock or have to go into production.

In any case, the delivery time will be as shown on the data sheet describing each product.

If you purchase several products with different delivery times, shipping may take place when the product with the longest delivery time is completed, in order to ship out your order complete.

The delivery times specified in the product data sheets are approximate. Although estimated delivery times are usually met, they cannot be guaranteed.

Requesting Information About the Order/Delivery Status

SHOPIFEX is available at any time and for any information on the status of your order and/or delivery through the email address customerservice[at] or the online Contact Form in the “SHOPIFEX Account” area.

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