When establishing collaborative relationships with producers, SHOPIFEX bases its philosophy on principles of direct and territorial knowledge of the selected designers.

The artworks and products offered by SHOPIFEX are made entirely in Italy

SHOPIFEX solely and exclusively offers new products; with regard to artworks, these may have been displayed in personal and collective exhibitions in which the artist has participated.

The designers selected by SHOPIFEX may be artists, artisans, independent brands or manufacturing companies. For this reason, most of their products are available for purchase on a made-to-order or pre-order basis.

The creations available for made-to-order purchase will be created by the designer on direct commission by the customer, who will place the order on SHOPIFEX.

Considering in particular the seasonal nature of fashion and clothing collections, SHOPIFEX also allows the possibility of advance viewings and purchases of pre-production collections.

With regard to the quality of the products, SHOPIFEX guarantees their authenticity and the same quality standards guaranteed by the designers, thanks to the direct relationships it has established with them.

Finally, all hand-crafted products are, by their nature, unique and inimitable. Any small irregularities in the shapes and/or colours compared to the images shown in the description sheets, are intrinsic characteristics of the various techniques used and can be considered an added value and testament to work done entirely by hand.

For any information on specific products, you may use the Contact Form in the product description sheets or the Contact Form in the "SHOPIFEX Account" section, addressing the request to Customer Care in the subject heading, or else by sending an e-mail to: customerservice[at]shopifex.com.

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