[1 + 2 = 8]

design project

[1+2=8] is the design project through which Andrea Barra, the founder and creative force behind the brand, showcases and sums up his aesthetic ideal, the values linked to artisan know-how and a propensity towards technology that demonstrates an awareness of the human contact for which it is intended.

The shapes of [1+2=8] put a premium on purity, harmony and simplicity; characteristics that not only define a clean, contemporary and elegant style but are also, above all else, a manifestation of the character of the brand.

This is the way in which the deep-seated nature of [1+2=8] emerges strongly: forms as dreamed up by Andrea Barra can only be achieved thanks to the accuracy of the artisan techniques whose values are manifested by the workers and professionals who interact with [1+2=8] on various levels. 

Concealed, delicate technology is the fundamental concept around which Andrea Barra constructs his design ideas: his artisan approach to production means that in [1+2=8], technology is a means of expression rather than an ultimate goal.

The result is design objects with soul, which satisfy the quasi-sentimental desire for an intimate connection even to items that, by their very nature, are limited to embellishing everyday life.

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