Women's fashion brand

A brief suspension of time; a temporary break from reality; a fleeting respite from change. Apnoea draws upon the city of Parthenope in Magna Graecia not only for the etymology of its brand name, but also for its capacity to transgress while at the same time returning to philosophical fundaments that hint at a modern internationalism; sometimes cool, sometimes rigid. It is an attitude that embraces and reveals a bold, contemporary and poetic femininity. In turning the abstract concept of the voluntary suspension of ceaseless becoming into something concrete, Apnoea uses a vocabulary with a clear and recognisable appeal: oversized fits and soft volumes that envelop the silhouette, unique combinations of materials, and romantic details that enhance femininity.

The aesthetic of Apnoea collections takes a multidisciplinary approach, allowing itself to be infiltrated by different arts and cultures and relying on PVC as a distinctive element of the brand: a witness to and fore-runner of the modern age.

In this way the collections of Apnoea, which have already attracted the attention of Vogue Talent, externalise the journey of self-discovery that can reveal an identity on the ascent, balanced between a familiar aesthetic and an experimental transformation.

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