Elena Tiberi

Contemporary jewellery

Weaves and colours: these are the key words which define the creativity and communicative power of Elena Tiberi’s jewellery.

The sartorial interlacing of warp and weft is both a cornerstone and a distinctive stylistic feature of Elena Tiberi’s metal fabric, expressed on every occasion in a variety of shapes and textures.

However, it is her study and exploration of the emotive and physiological interactions of colour that give Elena Tiberi’s creations their character and personality: the plays of light and reflections that move together with the metal mesh harmonise with the inlays fashioned from resins, natural stones, glass and wood.

Elena Tiberi’s personal exploration leads to an aesthetic that is discipline of and in beauty as well as emotional knowledge and perception, expressed in the sculptural techniques of lost wax casting, resin modelling, metal wire-weaving and the harmony of colours.

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