Artisanal jewelry entirely handmade inspired by the charm of a historic piece of jewellery but with a refined and contemporary design.

In the context of Made in Italy haute couture, GAIA is a rare and extraordinary expression of the ancient art of the goldsmith. Its handmade jewellery in gold, silver and bronze, with precious and semi-precious stones, epitomises a refined and sophisticated femininity. The aesthetic is a harmonious dialogue between the charm of a historic piece of jewellery and the distinctive design, combining refinement, elegance and modernity, featured by every ring, bracelet and necklace in the GAIA collection. 

The brand takes its name from the jewellery designer Gaia Caramazza. Her talent, honed by studies at Rome’s school for goldsmiths, the Accademia di Arti Orafe, is inspired by the world of art as much as by the world of fashion.

The expressive potential of jewellery designed by Gaia Caramazza favours unique and one-off creations, capable of capturing the spirit of the artist and intertwining it with that of the wearer. The unique nature of the jewellery which she makes by hand, following ancient methods of craftsmanship, is also reflected in the concept of flexibility of use: a brooch can become a pendant; one bracelet or choker can be interchanged with another. It is this very feature that best encapsulates the temperament of the modern woman, the determined dreamer, interpreted with grace and openness by GAIA in this line of jewellery.

The jewellery designer instinctively understands the value of lightness, in the sense of a natural tendency towards elegance, and it is the ability to give form and substance to this lightness that has helped to make GAIA a guaranteed presence at ALTAROMA events.

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