Giuseppe Buccinnà

Fashion designer – Women’s clothing

Free from restrictive labels and definitions. Open to influences of contemporary artistic expression. With a foundation in the precision of numbers and unaffected by the passing of time, Giuseppe Buccinnà chooses a personal narrative technique through fashion collections that express elusive feelings, an extension of a personality with an individual, modern and assertive temperament.

Clothing is a kind of border architecture: sometimes protective, sometimes concealing, sometimes transforming itself into a declaration of the lived experience. Giuseppe Buccinnà replaces the reassurances of surface trends with the concept of “layering the individual”; a concept that manifests itself in collections which surpass functionality in its strictest sense to become a broadened mindset, a space where the technical aspects of the stylist’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan and those of his diploma in pattern-making from the Istituto Secoli come together. 

This is the source of the brand’s recognisability; a brand which, in combining fabric, styling and wearability, relies on architecture for the purity of the shapes, on black to signify strong femininity, and on the colours — always balanced and always an homage to art — for the visionary dimension.

As well as its complex set of interconnections between the arts and disciplines, the brand is also innovative in terms of the principles and values on which the entire creative and production process is founded. Certified and fully natural fabrics reflect its network of relationships with suppliers who share the ideal of respect for work and for the environment, guaranteeing high standards of quality. Hence, the decision to produce the items in every collection entirely in Italy is based in the ethical component that makes the Giuseppe Buccinnà brand an ambassador for the most unseen struggles of modern life.

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