Jewelry Green

Living jewellery, as though plucked from nature

Jewelry Green jewellery is first and foremost a concept, a different way of viewing and seeing the world. It is the fruit of a synergy born from the union of two creative minds: architect Clelia Stincheddu and designer Giulietta Piccioli, bridging two worlds that, despite being different, are not so very far apart.

Jewelry Green jewellery can be considered genuine works of architecture in miniature; and this is how Clelia, the architect, interpreted the forms designed by Giulietta. These tiny portable gardens, like a micro-architecture of the landscape, require a gesture from those who possess them which inspires the creation of a stronger bond than is possible with normal jewellery. This is because the jewellery is designed to contain small portions of moss, which has to be cared for and nurtured over time through the daily task of watering with rain water. Thus, the jewellery is “alive” and to wear it is to embrace the idea of care and attention towards nature and the environment. It is urban jewellery, which is integrated with the city and the place where people circulate. Micro-portions of that environment can be worn or even become decorative items, as true home ornaments. Jewelry Green is exclusive jewellery that evokes luxury in a different way, due to its capacity to make people think and devote time to themselves and the world, through a simple act that highlights the renewed attention that everyone should devote to nature and the environment around us, creating a deep bond. The creation of these objects, all made by hand by master goldsmith Simone Aliani, involves ancient jewellery-making techniques and has given rise to a new concept of jewellery, which is first and foremost a poetic, conscious act. The bronze and silver accentuate its shape, reminiscent of stones polished and transformed by a flowing river, intertwining branches that resemble nests, and olive wood shaped and worked in harmony with its natural structure.

It is a refined design, to emphasise the spirit and soul of objects which powerfully express a new philosophy.

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