Lucrezia Kauffmann

The LK brand was born from the whimsical imagination of the stylist and designer Lucrezia Kauffmann and has been developed, essentially, around two key concepts.

LK springs from the profound connection that Lucrezia has with art, from all historic periods as well as the present, as though it were embedded in her DNA. LK collections take up the shapes and colours of this art in a poetic rewriting; one which is personal, unconventional, full of life and sophisticated.

Then there is the immediate recognisability of the brand, the result of the astute design of a true talent: compact geometries, vivid colours, hand-painted textures, details which are almost decontextualised, and deeply original proportions amount to more than just distinctive traits of LK. They become an original and personal language, the result of a study which expresses itself through the intentional muddling of the overlapping worlds of art, fashion, design and architecture.

LK is a brand that tells the story of a family and its traditions. From Renoir to Memphis via the Tate Gallery and the craft of leather tanning, passion and learning are featured in every LK collection. As is the 100% Made in Italy designation, a fundamental principle for LK and demonstrated by an innovative perspective in the design as much as in the concept.

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