Rita Miranda

Contemporary artist

The approach that shapes the continuously evolving language adopted by the artist Rita Miranda is inspired by a scientific naturalist principle. First of all, the artist conducts a methodical and precise study of nature, the forms of the depths or of the plant microcosm, regulated by balances and equations which may sometimes be unfathomable but which nevertheless lead to perfection in aesthetics and in substance. Rita Miranda's interpretation, however, renders the perpetual motion of that scrupulously examined nature abstract in the creation of organic floating structures, labyrinths, beehives and symmetries.

As a result of her primary personal research, in the act of creation the artist becomes a Generating Force: her works are a new and original nature; not a mere reproduction or imitation, but an authentic Creation.

Rita Miranda approaches nature with sensitivity, curiosity and vast knowledge, recreating the alchemy of the dawn of nature in her workshop. Thus, plant anatomies and harmonious suspended architectures take shape, their origins rooted in nature, the representation of which is unchained from physical laws and acquires an almost lyrical sublimation of its forms.

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