Romina Quadarella Couture

Romina Quadarella Couture is a sophisticated womenswear haute couture brand, featuring an entirely handmade collection of skirts, blouses and dresses.

The women's couture clothes, designed and entirely handmade by Romina Quadarella Couture, boast a classic yet contemporary personality. The temperament of Romina Quadarella Couture is that of an independent and self-confident woman, aware of her femininity. 

Romina Quadarella is the creative mind behind the brand. Her studies at Accademia Internazionale d'Alta Moda e d'Arte del Costume Koefia, along with the collaboration with one of the most prestigious maison of haute couture in Rome, have contributed to enhance the Romina Quadarella's natural talent, defining the style of her collections: the boldness of the animal prints of her skirts and dresses which elevate the elegant and sophisticated lines, as well as the embroidered details, are a clear and immediate expression of the Romina Quadarella Couture's mission.

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