Design project aimed at promoting the traditions of Puglia

UPuglia is a project for the promotion of the region whose name it bears: a receptacle of innovation and tradition, a forge of Apulian artists, architects, and designers animated by the desire to preserve and reinterpret the artistic and artisanal aspects of Puglia. 

UPuglia studies, protects, and reinterprets the artistic, architectural, and craft heritage that wove the history of this area even before it was a colony of Magna Grecia.

Thus, through a careful rereading of styles and uses, architectural elements typical of the place become objects of design, and local expressions provide ideas for recreating objects of daily use, made entirely by hand by Apulian artisans.

UPuglia is a way of feeling: tradition, in terms of value, has the capacity to endure and be passed on when the desire to re-examine its content is combined with research and innovation.

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