Vincenzo Ferrara

Contemporary artist

The art of Vincenzo Ferrara explores the elusive dynamics of sentimental bonds. More specifically, it is a photograph on canvas of human relationships, at every conceivable level, and the corruption of affections, intended as an inexorable dragging, through a journey that leads to the alteration or even the erasure of individual identities. The subjects portrayed in their motionless solitude bear all the unease of the external manifestation of that twisted bond; suspended in an indefinite, rarefied dimension, their evocative corporeity hides a shared perception which is at once oblivious and aware. And it is in the prevalence of cold, dark tones that the voice of the “sentimental rupture” being examined emerges. 

Another essential element in the artist’s narrative is the size of the canvas. The smaller canvases are snapshots of an instant in a life, a universe made miniature, in which complexity is externalised in a single, frozen moment. The larger ones, instead, can be understood as a stage on which the characters converse in a structured plastic setting.

His works come into being to the impalpable, sometimes insistent rhythm of the electronic music of which he is an admirer. Cinema, on the other hand, is not only an element and source of inspiration, but also an integral part of Vincenzo Ferrara’s personal technique, providing a précis of the skills he acquired through his degree from the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna and the course in comics at the Turin International School of Comics. If the International School of Comics has enabled the artist to broaden his understanding of visual language, cinema represents the primary source for the photographic archive from which, by first using a digital collage, he transports the image onto the canvas after a process of graphic re-elaboration, mainly for the purpose of removal. With rigour and precision, he draws the subject, then proceeds with painting, which gradually becomes freer as the portrait develops.

The stasis of the subjects is as though they have been submerged beneath that veil of foreboding induced by the dislocation often silenced by the bonds of affection that nobody, at least in the abstract, can fail to identify with. Vincenzo Ferrara’s works move in a suspended time and are infused with a melancholic atmosphere, bringing an almost metaphysical quality to the metre of his language.

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