Werner Series

Marble pendant lamps - WERNER Sr

Made by talented Italian lighting designer and maker Andrea Barra, the founder and creative force of the [1 + 2 = 8] brand, the Werner Collection is a selection of the perfect statement ceiling lamps crafted out of blocks of precious marble.

The minimalist geometry of the lines of the WERNER indoor lamps make it perhaps the design project which most clearly demonstrates the combination of painstaking artisan techniques with a high level of technology in the LED lighting system.

Each of these stunning lighting pieces consists of 1 element (3 elements) in marble hanging by a steel wire. The uncompromising union of materials represented by the marble and steel is softened by the light emitted from the LED system, which is capable of creating a gentle atmosphere and bringing a harmonious décor to the environment.

The Portoro marble with black background crossed by unique intense golden veins is a perfect addition to minimal interiors with strong visual impact.

The Marquinia marble with intense black colour compact background crossed by irregular white and light grey veining will add a touch of sophistication to any private study or living room decor.

The Carrara marble with homogeneous white background, brilliant granules and irregular dark venations will make your interiors luxurious and elegant. 

The Calacatta marble with slight and shaded venations that verge from light yellow to gray will complement a contemporary decor.

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