Metamorphosis n. 1 - Contemporary Paintings - SHOPIFEX
Metamorphosis n. 1 - detail 1 - Contemporary Paintings - SHOPIFEX
Metamorphosis n. 1 - Contemporary Paintings - SHOPIFEX
Metamorphosis n. 1 - detail 1 - Contemporary Paintings - SHOPIFEX

Metamorphosis n. 1

Sofia Rocchetti
Unique piece. Product delivery: 15-20 working days.

Contemporary painting “Metamorphosis n. 1”.

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"Metamorphosis n. 1" is an abstract contemporary painting created with the pure pigment technique on paper by the artist Sofia Rocchetti. This original artwork measures 50 x 70 cm and it is mounted on a honeycomb panel. This stunning work of art features a surface bronze-coloured and shaded, on wich upper and lower edges seem to be moving metallic scales brick-red in colour. The geometry, the volumes and the three-dimensionality of this contemporary masterpiece are elements of a surreal and intimate anthropomorphism.

"Metamorphosis n. 1" is part of the "Metamorphosis" paintings series, created in 2004 and, as the name suggests, proceeds along the evolutionary path of Sofia Rocchetti’s artistic journey: the fullness of dark and bronze shades, cut through by intrinsic luminosity, which give movement and continuous mutability to the distended details of the pointed metallic shapes. Although the changeable dynamism of a conceptual future is a characteristic element of Sofia Rocchetti's works, in Metamorphosis it is clearly the central feature.

Product Details

50 cm x 70 cm
Product delivery
Delivered in 15-20 working days.

Directions for use

Cleaning, maintenance, care.

It is advisable to avoid any sources of moisture as the work could become irreparably damaged over time. We recommend placing the work away from direct sunlight. The work is mounted flush on a honeycomb panel: the corners are particularly fragile. Therefore, avoid damaging them because it is not possible to restore them. Cleaning: to remove any dust that may accumulate on the surface of the work, simply use a soft brush. Never use sponges, rags or other implements as they may be abrasive. Never use damp cloths.

How to hang the work.

Drill a hole in the wall at the point where you want to hang the work and insert a wall plug of at least 4-5 cm in length. Insert a screw in the wall plug large enough to protrude from the wall by about 2 cm. Position the work so that the head of the screw sits in the hole provided in the honeycomb panel. With works composed of several panels, we recommend hanging the pictures at the same level and the same distance apart for a better visual effect.

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