Pendant Lamps

Pendant lamps

When it comes to designing interior lighting, pendant lamps allow you to create the ideal atmosphere in both the body of the lamp and the light itself take on the role of a furnishing accessory.

Lighting from above with hanging lamps strategically placed will highlight specific areas of the modern living room or bedroom.The importance of this furnishing accessory is clear while experimenting with design and materials. The later includes glass, metal or passing through the classic fabric lampshades.

SHOPIFEX currently has available online suspension lamps made in Carrara marble, Portoro marble, Marquinia and Calacatta. We also have white enamelled ceramic paying homage to Apulian trulli's distinctive architecture.

The common thread running through these hanging lamps the is minimal design, artisanal manufacturing and sophisticated lines.

A minimalistic living room in nordic-style with a predominance of white and grey colours can be enhanced whether by the chromatic contrast of a suspension lamp in Portoro or Marquinia marble or by hue harmony and veining of the hanging lamp in Carrara or Calacatta marble.

A sophisticated classic home with antique furniture, can be balanced by the minimal shapes of one or more suspension lamp in enamelled ceramic.

Lighting solutions are varied and versatile but there are three basic rules to be followed.

Study the area to illuminate possibly with the help of a lighting engineer to establish the type of light best suited to effect you wish to create.

Choose the design of suspension lamps taking into consideration the furnishing style.

Last but not least never forget good taste!

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