WA Series

WA Series

WA is part of Empatia Collection, a striking jewellery collection that shifts the dialogue between two different cultures and arts onto a plane of lightness, delicacy, and reflection.

Crafted entirely by hand, with her porcelain, Rita Miranda has entered into the dialectic of Haruko Ito, the artist and goldsmith who settled in Milan after moving from Japan.

The circle is the symbol par excellence of oneness, harmony and completion. In the WA series, the Empatia jewellery collection describes the grace, made perfect through its imperfection, of the existence of a circular time in which every moment is unique, but not unrepeatable. WA jewellery is based around tapering lines of silver, irregular and fluid, from which organic shapes in porcelain blossom forth, a clear expression of a shared artistic and poetic journey.

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