Spazio Margutta

Tailored garments, hand-crafted jewellery and artisanal bags provide clear and tangible evidence of the mission of Spazio MARGUTTA. On the one hand it is a concept showroom, where the values of craftsmanship in haute couture are expressed through the unique creations of new couturiers; on the other, it is a scouting project with the aim of fostering and promoting new brands, the expression of tradition, research and innovation.  

Collezione Equilibrio vs Follia

GAIA – Italian Handmade Jewellery

Made in the heart of Italy's fashion capital by talented designer Gaia Caramazza, every piece of jewelry embodies a unique passion for authentic Italian design and craftsmanship. Wearing one-of-a-kind jewelry shows how unique your style is and reflects your idea of beautiful.

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SHOPIFEX and SPAZIO MARGUTTA: teaming up to promote Made in Italy

SPAZIO MARGUTTA is a ground-breaking format, a new nucleus of fashion, located in the cultural heart of the Italian capital and dreamed up by Grazia Marino and Antonio Falanga, who combine the promotion of both Italian and foreign brands with the creativity of fashion and jewellery designers. 

The paths taken by SHOPIFEX and SPAZIO MARGUTTA converge in this dedicated area of, which houses artisanal jewellery, tailored clothing for women and bags made entirely by hand from the brands promoted by SPAZIO MARGUTTA, a symbol of the creative flair of Made in Italy.

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