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WINGS porcelain and silver necklace

Rita Miranda
Product delivery: 40-45 working days

Black/white porcelain and silver necklace

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Rita Miranda started making artistic jewellery in porcelain in 2014. While this jewellery might at first seem to be miniature reproductions of her sculptures, on closer examination of the organic structures of which her jewellery is composed – the plant-like braids that bewilder the eye, beehive organisms and forms full of details and shrewdness – what emerges is the consistency and fidelity to the artist's language: a perfect, personal and balanced mix of science, artistic technique and free creativity.
Rita Miranda transports the work to a delicate and elusive dimension where sculptural technique expresses that intimate and intangible phenomenon through which the body that wears the creation is infused with sophistication, elegance and grace.

Each individual item by Rita Miranda is unique and inimitable: any tiny variations in the shapes or colours are intrinsic characteristics of the technique adopted by the artist (raku and porcelain) and can be considered an added value and testament to work done entirely by hand.

Product Details

6 cm x 3 cm
37 g
Porcelain and silver
Cleaning, maintenance, care
Simply use a slightly damp cloths. Do not use chemical products.
Product delivery
Delivered in 40-45 working days

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