Women's bracelets

Created with an elegant design the women's bracelets offered by SHOPIFEX represent the perfect combination between art, design and craftsmanship. Whether as gift for someone special or just as a treat for yourself our bracelets offer the luxury of wearing a treasured piece of jewelry with a high artistic value. SHOPIFEX includes among its women's jewelry pieces also those design bracelets capable of expressing the values of the goldsmith’s craftsmanship.

The bracelets can be regarded as a women's piece of jewellery which is capable of representing the feminine mood in all its many facets. That is why SHOPIFEX offers women's bracelets which are, first of all wearable sculptures but with a bold and contemporary personality. They are in essence small pieces of art enhancing even the most casual look.

The women's bracelets carefully selected by SHOPIFEX are mainly made of 925 silver, bronze and porcelain to suit various occasions They are embellished with resins and precious gems, such as labradorite and quartz.

Our selection of rigid bracelets will add to any outfit a refined and glamorous touch while the band bracelets will get undisputed leading roles.

Each personality, every character and state of mind has the chance to decide its own favorite bracelet models, with the certainty of wearing a unique and precious piece of jewellery.

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