Women's earrings

A pair of women's earrings are an elegant and essential choice to enhance, give light to and frame the features of the face. As a gift idea for Mother's Day or for a special friend, earrings are the par exellence fashion accessory when a woman wants to look womanly and flawless.

SHOPIFEX offers designer jewellery capable to transforming the traditional concept of jewellery towards art. Every piece of women's jewellery declares the artist's intention who made it and, once worn, becomes an opportunity to represent the women's personality. Therefore the women's earrings available here offer first of all wearable sculptures but are also original artworks entirely crafted by hand expressing the values of the goldsmith craftsmanship art Made in Italy.

The pendant earrings and the circular earrings in 925 silver are embellished with little porcelain gems and are perfect on all those occasions, such as the office, in which the elegance must be subtle and minimalist.

The pendant earrings with obsidian and labradorite inspired by the daring '80s style will be absolutely perfect for a bold and eye-catching look.

For every occasion the women's earrings selected by SHOPIFEX will be the ideal addition to the contemporary woman's jewellery box especially those who need to express themselves beyond the fashion trends and the time but always favoring personal style.

Worn with rings, bracelets, necklacescharms and pendants on offer from SHOPIFEX the women's earrings shown here will be a bold and sophisticated fashion accessory enhancing that favourite outfit with a touch of art and design.

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