Women's necklaces

Necklaces are essential an accessory which has the power to complete any style or a woman’s personality look. When necklaces are also a piece of designer jewellery then the charm they will be capable giving will be connected to her emotions and state of mind especially when conveyed through the values of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

All the woman’s necklaces available from SHOPIFEX are authentic wearable sculptures and feature a contemporary allure yet timeless characteristic of the contemporary jewellery.

Porcelain is currently the main material used for the sculptured pendants selected by SHOPIFEX. Therefore they are considered as actual unique artworks to wear, design jewelry winking at art and its capability to tell the sources of inspiration that shape the artisanal creations.

For example, the choker necklaces in 925 silver and porcelain is one of the best examples of goldsmith craftsmanship art and handcrafted ceramics combining and is an integral part of the Made in Italy tradition.

The women's necklaces available on SHOPIFEX can be an original and treasured gift idea for that “special woman” or just affording yourself the luxury to wear a precious piece of jewellery with a high artistic value.

Deciding on a designer necklace means having the chance to wear a unique and precious piece of jewellery while standing out but still keeping intact one’s own personality and enhancing the personal taste driven by instinct.

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