Women's charms and pendants

Women's charms and pendants are the most versatile fashion accessories. Worn with a fine chain they reveal their characteristics but if hanging on a bracelet or a pair of circular earrings they become a refined and brand-new precious jewel.

SHOPIFEX has a preference for the artistic jewe and the designer jewellery so the online charms offered in this category can be considered actual wearable sculptures. They are in fact tiny artworks that can be always carried along and proudly shown off, so expressing your own personality without being swayed by mainstream trends. A way to be bold yet sophisticated.

The main raw materials used to create the women's charms are silver, bronze and porcelain. Each one of our women's pendants is entirely crafted by hand and also the perfect synthesis of goldsmith craftsmanship art, bringing with them not only the contemporary jewelry preciousness, as well the values of Made in Italy traditions.

Perfect as gift idea for a special woman, charms and pendants carefully selected by SHOPIFEX can completely change the modern woman's look. Visually stunning, charms in silver and bronze will be a refined and sophisticated addition to the dynamic and confident woman's jewellery box.

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