Women's rings

Rings are the most desired and loved piece of jewellery for the vast and varied female population. Worn with complete freedom to create a constantly fashionable look these exquisite women's accessories are enhanced by precious gems as well as by unique and inimitable shapes and compositions achieved through the techniques and craftsmanship of goldsmiths.

The ring selection offered by SHOPIFEX makes it possible to follow the trends without being overly influenced. To stand out while retaining one’s own individual personality. Sophistication and uniqueness are the keywords that distinguish our women's contemporary rings which are entirely handmade by Italian master goldsmiths.

The different form each of the rings take can symbolise eternity, never-ending continuity or the quintessential icon of a pledge of eternal love. The precious metals catch and reflect light making the hand wearing the ring a canvas of charm and elegance. Gold, silver and bronze are the metals most commonly used with some more suit to different occasions. Our striking rings can be given as a gesture to a loved one or just to treat yourself to the emotion that only a piece of jewelry can give.

SHOPIFEX offers an exclusive selection of online rings in silver, bronze and porcelain to wear not only for special occasions but just for an everyday look as well. Among the SHOPIFEX collections are the two-finger rings which create an extraordinary visual impact and feature a chic and contemporary design. The Shell collection is the clearest demonstration of how Made in Italy creativity can innovate the artisanal ring concept while keeping high the refinement level.

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